Simple Syrups Your Way

Chilly autumn afternoons call for cozy sweaters and fall flavored drinks to warm you up. The transition from summer to fall brings with it a craving for all things comforting. There’s nothing quite like cozying up in a blanket with a seasonal beverage. Flavors like maple cinnamon, vanilla ginger and cherry almond can add sweetness and warmth to any drink. Whether you like your drink spiked or soft, ROOT 23 Simple Syrups bring endless opportunities for you to get creative, in perfect time for fall.


Pumpkin spiced lattes aren’t the only thing to enjoy come Autumn. Bourbon is another crowd favorite for fall and with ROOT 23’s Maple Cinnamon or Vanilla Ginger Simple Syrup, you can feel warm and cozy in no time. To craft an effortless cocktail, simply pair 1 oz. of ROOT 23 Simple Syrup for every 2 oz. of alcohol. Add warm apple cider to the mix and enjoy it by the bonfire!


One of the great things about ROOT 23 Simple Syrups is that they don’t always have to be paired with alcohol (although we do enjoy them best that way). Sparkling water, iced tea and lemonade are delicious substitutes to rum, vodka or gin.


Baked goods and milkshakes are the perfect treat for the fall season and with ROOT 23’s all natural ingredients, you can feel good about eating them. Blend vanilla ice-cream, milk and Cherry Almond or Maple Cinnamon Simple Syrup together for heaven in a cup. And next time you bake a chocolate cake, add Cherry Almond Simple Syrup for a mouthwatering surprise!

Oh My!

Whether you’re spending the day at the apple orchard or out running errands, coffee and hot cider paired with simple syrups create a drink that will give you just the ‘fall fix’ you’re looking for. To add a fun twist to a childhood classic, pair a ROOT 23 Simple Syrup of your choosing to a giant mug of hot chocolate!

ROOT 23 specializes in the farm to cocktail movement. We craft all-natural, small batch simple syrups with just a few ingredients! The fall drink possibilities are endless! For your convenience, you can order online or shop in stores.